So, you’re considering straightening your teeth. Congrats!

By straightening your teeth, you’ve put yourself on the road to improving your oral health. Once complete, you'll find your straight teeth are easier to clean. That will lead to better gum health, often reducing your dental problems and dental expenses later in life. Oh, and there is that big benefit of an exceptionally straight, absolutely beautiful smile everyone around you will notice, too.

We provide orthodontic treatments that straighten teeth without braces virtually invisibly!

At Abundant Smiles, we can help you achieve proper teeth alignment without the need to wear metal braces. With Invisalign, our doctors can help you achieve your most beautiful smile gently. With minor adjustments, we design our orthodontic treatment to gradually shift your teeth. We will switch you to your next clear aligner about every two weeks. Depending on your individual case, your form and function will move to its most optimal over the course of 6 to 15 months.

Am I a candidate for Invisalign orthodontics?

In the majority of cases we see, the answer is a resounding yes!

Depending on complexity of your orthodontic treatment, you should plan on your Invisalign treatment to take between 6 and 15 months. Your teeth will slowly move into proper alignment as you wear custom made teeth aligners. Each aligner is virtually invisible and worn for about two weeks. At the end of your treatment, your teeth will be noticeably straight.

How much does Invisalign cost?

The cost of Invisalign will vary depending on how simple or complex your orthodontic needs are, and if you are straightening only your upper and lower teeth, or both

Does dental insurance cover Invisalign braces? 

If you’re lucky enough to have excellent dental insurance, you may also be lucky enough to see them cover a small percentage of your Invisalign treatment. The truth is, most orthodontic treatments (including Invisalign) are not covered by insurance. We find it especially rare to see any orthodontic treatment covered by dental insurance for people over the age of 26. 

Talk with your dental insurance company and you will likely find they treat Invisalign treatment the same as metal braces, hardly at all. Not to mention most dental insurances have a lifetime cap for orthodontic coverage too.

Do metal braces work better than Invisalign?

Most people will prefer Invisalign because of the clear, almost invisible aligners. While metal braces need to be cared for during an entire orthodontic treatment that can last upwards of two years, Invisalign’s aligners are made of hard plastic that only need to be taken care of for a few weeks.

There is no doubt that because of their virtually invisible nature, Invisalign is a more appealing orthodontic solution visually. Also consider all the foods generally avoided with metal braces. Since they are removable, Invisalign wins here too. In the end, Invisalign treatment can also cost less than metal braces and be the absolute best option for fixing more minor problems most people would not entertain metal braces to fix.

Smile Direct Club vs Invisalign

Aligners are the easiest way to move teeth to their most natural looking positions. However, it takes a qualified dentist to make sure teeth move correctly.

In orthodontics, bite problems aren’t just cosmetic. They also have a lot to do with how your jaw functions. Services like Smile Direct Club can move your teeth; however, they lack the oversight to make sure teeth also moving towards a functional bite. If your bite ends up being wrong, the function of your jaw will be affected.

Smile Direct Club has received many consumer complaints that their service caused bite problems that lead to migraines, jaw joint problems, and disintegration of joints. This type of harm can cause big problems that can lead to much more costly dental repairs. 

Consider Invisalign a one-time investment. A qualified dentist like our doctors are a much better option than taking chances with unsupervised orthodontics.

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