How Botox Helped Me Stop Grinding My Teeth

So, no shame guys…let’s talk about Botox. We all know the celebrities that have gotten WAY too much Botox to the point they can no longer make any sort of facial expression. Happy, mad, surprised…they all look the same! But what happens when Botox is done in the right amount? Can you still move your face? Do you still look natural? I’m here to tell you yes, and check out these pictures to prove it!

Now I bet you are wondering why a DENTIST is talking about Botox, aren't you?! Well, over the past 10 years a growing number of dentists have started providing Botox treatments to patients for both cosmetic and therapeutic uses. Botox as a therapeutic agent is shown to help muscle related dental problems caused by the tremendous amount of pressure we put on our jaws- over 20% of adults clench and grind their teeth in stressful situations and while sleeping. Such prolonged pressure on your teeth and jaw can result in constant headaches, restless sleep, and even fracturing, loosening, or loss of teeth. Eeek!

Even I grind my teeth at night, which I didn’t realize until recently was causing my restless nights. I have always been one to wake up constantly throughout the night and I just thought this was normal, but that has all changed thanks to Botox and here's how.

I decided recently to take a course on Botox, mostly because I wanted the cosmetic benefits and was hoping someone in the class was looking for a “practice patient”. Like I said, no shame. I didn’t realize that this class would actually change the way I sleep and feel throughout the day. Lucky for me, someone in my class was in need of a practice patient and I was more than thrilled to fill the spot! After a thorough exam, it was determined that my masseter muscle was enlarged. This is a huge muscle of the face that helps us chew and close our mouths. This resulted in a pretty large dose of Botox put straight into the muscle. I am a needle-phobe and still can’t believe I sat through this procedure without fainting. If I can do it, you can too!

Within a few weeks I started to notice that I was sleeping through the night. I was also finding myself waking up before my alarm and actually feeling rested. My jaw is no longer stiff when I wake up and my teeth have stopped aching. On top of all of this amazing news, I also look 5 years younger. Who knew Botox had more than just a cosmetic benefit!

Are you wondering if you could benefit from Botox just like I have? Well you are in luck! Abundant Smiles offers both cosmetic and therapeutic Botox treatments for our patients. Schedule an appointment today to see how Botox can improve your life!

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